The Monaco BLACK Card

The 500 cards numbered from 500 to 999 are all sold out - congratulations to the fastest contributors who backed us early.

There is still a chance to get one of the Black Cards numbered 001 to 499. The allocation of these cards will be decided at the end of our 30 day campaign, based on the quantity of ETH each user contributed.

The current threshold to secure a Black Card for yourself are:
  • Card #001 - minimum contribution over  
    NOTE: Black Card #1 comes with a bonus of free 188,888MCO, valued at approx US$566,664.
  • Cards #002-010 - minimum contribution over  
    Pick your Black Card number: users with leaderboard position from 002 to 099 will be able to pick their card number. I.e. user with leaderboard position 002 at the closing of the ICO will be able to pick any number like 007, 008, 777, 888. The number picked then becomes unavailable and user with leaderboard position 003 picks his/her number. The process will repeat until all users with leaderboard position until #099 have selected their most desired numbers. Rest of the numbers in the pool will be assigned on the basis of lowest-available-number-first.
  • Cards #011-099 - minimum contribution over  
  • Cards #100-199 - minimum contribution over  
  • Cards #200-299 - minimum contribution over  
  • Cards #300-399 - minimum contribution over  
  • Cards #400-499 - minimum contribution over  

Please come back to check frequently to make sure you didn't drop out of the list. Should you like to increase your contribution and raise your rank in the list, please make sure you contribute from the same wallet address.

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